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Lisa A. Alzo, M.F.A., is a freelance writer, instructor, and internationally recognized lecturer, specializing in Slovak/Eastern European genealogical research, writing your family history, and using the Internet to trace female and immigrant ancestors.

She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition from West Virginia Wesleyan College in 1987 and a Master of Fine Arts degree in Nonfiction Writing from the University of Pittsburgh in 1997.

Lisa is the author of nine books, including the award-winning Three Slovak Women, and hundreds of magazine articles.  She has been published in Ancestry Magazine, Discovering Family History Magazine, Family Chronicle, Family Tree Magazine, Reunions Magazine, NGSNews Magazine, Western Pennsylvania History Magazine, and The Association of Professional Genealogists Quarterly. Lisa is a contributing editor for Family Tree Magazine, and she teaches online courses for Family Tree University and The National Institute for Genealogical Studies.

She is a frequently invited speaker for national conferences, genealogical and historical societies, and webinars. An avid genealogist for more than 22 years, Lisa also chronicles her family history adventures on her blog, The Accidental Genealogist. For more information, visit http://www.lisaalzo.com.

Bernice BennettBernice A. Bennett is the host of her own Blog Talk Radio show, "Research at the National Archives and Beyond" and a family historian researching and documenting her African American roots in the Orleans, St. Helena and Livingston Parishes of Louisiana, and Edgefield and Greenwood Counties of South Carolina.

Bennett has presented her research at the Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society; South Carolina Genealogy Society Summer Workshop; National Genealogy Society, International Black Genealogy Summit, Old Edgefield District Genealogy Society Showcase, the Midwest African American Institute of St. Louis, and the Washington DC Family History Center.

Bennett is one of 5 authors (The Memory Keepers) of a new collaborative book, Our Ancestors - Our Stories.

Blaine BettingerBlaine Bettinger, PhD (Biochemistry), JD, is an intellectual property attorney, popular speaker on DNA topics, and the author of the long-running blog The Genetic Genealogist. He has been interviewed on genealogical and personal genomics topics and quoted in Newsweek, New Scientist, Wired magazine, and others.

Dr. Bettinger is the administrator of the Bettinger Surname Project and co-administrator for the R1b-L1/S26 Y-DNA Haplogroup Project. He frequently gives presentations and webinars to educate others about the use of DNA to explore their ancestry, and recently had his genome sequenced through the Personal Genome Project.

Warren BittnerF. Warren Bittner, CG, is a genealogical researcher and lecturer with 30 years of research experience. He is a trustee for the Board for Certification of Genealogists. He holds a Master of Science degree in history from Utah State University, and a Bachelors of Science degree in Business from Brigham Young University. His master’s thesis looked at the social factors affecting illegitimacy in nineteenth-century Bavaria.

He was the winner of the National Genealogical Society 2011 Writing Contest, with his article “Without Land, Occupation, Rights, or Marriage Privilege: The Büttner Family from Bavaria to New York.” This article was also awarded the National Genealogical Society, Award for Excellence, 2012 which is presented annually for an outstanding article published in the National Genealogical Society Quarterly.

In August 2012 he delivered the Chuck Knudsen Memorial Lecture at the Federation of Genealogical Society Annual Conference in Birmingham, Alabama. In May 2013 he presented the Birdie Monk Holsclaw Memorial Lecture at the National Genealogical Society Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. In 2012 he delivered the keynote addresses to the Palatines to America National Convention, the Mid-Atlantic German Society Spring Meeting, and the Sacramento German Genealogy Society Spring Seminar.
He has coordinated German research tracks at The Samford Institute of Genealogy and Historical Research and the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy.

Katherine BorgesKatherine Hope Borges is the Co-Founder and Director of the International Society of Genetic Genealogy (ISOGG), which promotes and educates about genetic genealogy. ISOGG has grown to over 8,000 members in 70 countries.

Through ISOGG, Katherine has increased professional standards in the practice, research, and discussion of relevant issues in DNA testing, interpretation, and ethics. She organized a speakers bureau and has given many presentations on genetic genealogy to groups across the United States and in the United Kingdom. She administers several surname, regional, and haplogroup DNA projects.

Jana BroglinJana Sloan Broglin, CG, OGSF, an Ohio native, is a professional genealogist, author and lecturer. She has served on the boards of the Ohio Genealogical Society and the Federation of Genealogical Societies. She currently works as a freelance writer, editor, and manuscript indexer. Jana was named a Kentucky Colonel for her Kentucky publications.

Bruce Buzbee is the founder and president of RootsMagic, Inc., and the author of RootsMagic genealogy software. For over 20 years Bruce has been writing genealogy software, having originally written the popular Family Origins program. Bruce has taught thousands of users the ins and outs of RootsMagic, from the basics for beginners to advanced topics for the genealogy professional. Bruce is also the webmaster of Family-Reunion.com, the world's most popular family reunion planning site, as well as the author of Family Reunion Organizer software.

John Colletta Knowledgeable, entertaining and experienced, John Philip Colletta, PhD, FUGA, is a popular Washington, D.C.-based lecturer on topics of family history research and writing.

For twenty years, while laying the foundation for his career in genealogy, he worked half-time at the Library of Congress and taught workshops at the National Archives. Today Dr. Colletta lectures nationally, teaches at local schools, and conducts programs for the Smithsonian Institution’s Resident Associate Program. He is a faculty member of the Institute of Genealogy and Historical Research at Samford University (Birmingham, Ala.), the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy, and Boston University’s Certificate in Family History program.

His publications include numerous articles, both scholarly and popular; two manuals -- They Came in Ships: A Guide to Finding Your Immigrant Ancestor's Arrival Record and Finding Italian Roots: The Complete Guide for Americans; and one “murder-mystery-family-history,” Only a Few Bones: A True Account of the Rolling Fork Tragedy and Its Aftermath.

Dr. Colletta has received many professional awards and honors and appears frequently on podcasts and local and national radio and television. His Ph.D. in Medieval French is from The Catholic University of America. Visit www.genealogyjohn.com.

Lisa Louise CookeLisa Louise Cooke is the owner of Genealogy Gems, a genealogy and family history multi-media company. She is producer and host of "The Genealogy Gems Podcast," the popular online genealogy audio show (and app) as well as the "Family History: Genealogy Made Easy podcast," both available at www.GenealogyGems.com, and in iTunes. With well over 1 million downloads, her podcasts bring genealogy news, research strategies, expert interviews and inspiration to genealogists in 75 countries around the world.

Lisa is the author of a variety of multi-media materials available to Genealogy Gems Premium Members, and four books including Turn Your iPad into a Genealogy Powerhouse, How to Find Your Family History in Newspapers, and The Genealogist’s Google Toolbox, as well as producer of the video series Google Earth for Genealogy and over 60 videos at the Genealogy Gems YouTube Channel.

In addition to Genealogy Gems, Lisa produces and hosts The Family Tree Magazine Podcast, regularly writes for the magazine, and is an instructor and curriculum developer for Family Tree University.

Lisa is also a sought-after international genealogy speaker (regularly speaking at Who Do You Think You Are? Live in London) and a webinar presenter.

Whether in person or online, Lisa strives to dig through the myriad of genealogy news, questions and resources and deliver the gems that can unlock your family history treasure trove!

Crista CowanCrista Cowan has been employed by Ancestry.com since 2004; her involvement in family history, however, reaches all the way back to childhood. From being parked under a microfilm reader at the Family History Library in her baby carrier to her current career as a professional genealogist, Crista has spent tens of thousands of hours discovering, documenting and telling family stories.

In her time at Ancestry.com she has been a European Content Acquisition Manager, the Digital Preservation Indexing Manager and the Community Alliance Manager for the Ancestry World Archives Project. She is now known as The Barefoot Genealogist with a twice a week live internet show designed to help people discover their family history. Watch her live show on http://livestream.com/ancestry.

Elyse DoerflingerElyse Doerflinger is a professional genealogist specializing in using tech tools to make research more efficient and organized. She is the author of Elyse's Genealogy Blog and has created a YouTube channel with a variety of genealogy videos. She loves to research her Appalacian ancestors, Colonial New England ancestors, and her never-stay-in-one-place-for-long ancestors that moved all over the country. She also has ancestry from England, Wales, France, and Germany.

When Elyse is not tracking down people, she works as an elementary school teacher in the Los Angeles area. She is also currently planning her wedding to her Prince Charming and takes way too many photos of her cat.

Peter DrinkwaterPeter Drinkwater has been working on genealogy websites for the past 12 years. He's worked on projects for RootsWeb, Genealogy.com, Ancestry.com, Footnote, Fold3 and is currently the director of product management for Newspapers.com. Peter loves to find interesting things in old documents, especially when they relate to his family and the places they lived.

Dick EastmanDick Eastman has been involved in genealogy for more than 30 years. He has worked in the computer industry for more than 40 years in hardware, software, and managerial positions. By the early 1970s, Dick was already using a mainframe computer to enter his family data on punch cards. He built his first home computer in 1980.

In the mid-1980s, Dick actually went knocking on the door of a rising online star called CompuServe to propose a genealogy forum, a move by which he built a community of family historians over the next 14 years. At the same time, he preached the benefits of technology to an even wider audience of genealogists, including national and international genealogical organizations, and of course, GENTECH, an organization that helped him to spread his message.

On January 15, 1996, Dick and editor Pam Cerutti launched Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter as an e-mail publication and announced it to 100 surprised friends and acquaintances.

The weekly newsletter has since grown into a daily publication, still available in e-mail but also now available on the World Wide Web. The present newsletter is read by more than 75,000 genealogists all over the world.

Alice FairhurstImmediate past president of the Southern California Genealogical Society, Alice M. Fairhurst is a charter member of the International Society of Genetic Genealogy (ISOGG) and coordinates the efforts of amateur and professional geneticists to keep the ISOGG Y-DNA Haplogroup Tree up to date. She administers or co-administers 19 DNA projects and has been active in the genealogical world for more than 50 years.

Maurice GleesonDr. Maurice Gleeson is by profession a psychiatrist and pharmaceutical physician. He is also a professional actor and has appeared on the West End stage in London.

As an avid genealogist, he has developed a strong interest in using genetic approaches to break through the many brick walls associated with Irish family history research. He first used genetic testing in 2008, and since then has set up the Spearin Surname Project which has helped trace his Spierin family connections back to the 1600s in Limerick and the 1500's in London. He also set up the iCARA project to help people with Irish surnames in the Caribbean reconnect with their Irish ancestry.

Maurice is co-administrator of the Ireland mitochondrial DNA project. He has given talks on genetic genealogy at the ‘Back to Our Past’ exhibition in Dublin (2012 & 2013) and also at the National Library of Ireland (Dublin), The National Archives in Kew (London), and at various regional and local meetings.

He organised Genetic Genealogy Ireland 2013, Ireland's first conference on genetic genealogy under the auspices of ISOGG (International Society of Genetic Genealogy). This 3-day conference exposed the Irish public to the wealth of DNA research that is going on in Ireland and how it is helping our understanding of Irish genealogy. Videos of the presentations can be found on the dedicated website at www.ggi2013.blogspot.ie.

Ted GostinTed Gostin has been doing genealogical research since 1980, and has worked as a full-time professional genealogist since 1994. He has twice been President of the Jewish Genealogical Society, Los Angeles, and has taught genealogy for several adult school and university extension programs.

Ted has helped plan and organize three national genealogical seminars, and has been a featured speaker at many such conferences. He lectures widely on Jewish genealogy, Southern California resources, and immigration and naturalization records. His articles have appeared in genealogical publications throughout the country.

He has published one volume of his own family history and is the author of Southern California Vital Records: Volume 1, Los Angeles County 1850-1859. He was featured on a segment of the original BBC version of the popular television show Who Do You Think You Are? (Larry Lamb episode). He is very active in the international Jewish genealogical community, and maintains contact with genealogists throughout the world.

He is the owner of both Gostin Research Associates and the publishing / bookselling firm Generations Press. Mr. Gostin is also an active member of the Association of Professional Genealogists.

Bennett Greenspan

Family Tree DNA was founded in 2000 by Bennett Greenspan, an entrepreneur and life-long genealogy enthusiast, turning a hobby into a full-time vocation. His effort and innovation created the burgeoning field now known as genetic genealogy.

Mr. Greenspan, a Nebraska native who received his B.A. from the University of Texas, spent years investigating the ancestors of his maternal grandfather, an obsession which eventually led to the founding of Family Tree DNA and the beginning of a new kind of genealogy.

As a serial entrepreneur, his business career has spanned photographic equipment and supplies, real estate, the pro-college website GoCollege.com, Family Tree DNA, and is now also involved in DNATraits.com, a new medical genetic testing company.

Tammy HeppsTammy A. Hepps is the founder of Treelines.com, a web-based family tree storytelling platform. She speaks and writes regularly on helping genealogists move beyond the research to find the larger context of their discoveries and to truly capture their family’s interest.

Tammy has 14 years of experience in the digital media space leading technology initiatives across the content, commerce, mobile, and social spaces. Her background spans large companies – like NBCUniversal, where she was CTO of iVillage Properties, and NYTimes.com, where she was Director of Software Development – as well as small start-ups, such as Dow Jones/IAC Online Ventures, where she was founding VP of Technology, and SparkNotes.com, where she was Director of Technology. With a degree in Computer Science from Harvard, she adds top-notch engineering skills to her online and communications expertise.

She has been working on her family tree for more than twenty years and combines in Treelines.com her depth in genealogy, technology, and storytelling. She lives in Manhattan.

Jean HibbenBoard Certified genealogist Jean Wilcox Hibben, PhD, CG, serves as Director of the Corona Family History Center. A former college professor, she has a PhD (folklore) and Masters degree (speech communication) and has been doing genealogy research for over 35 years. First VP of the Corona Genealogical Society, she is also their webmaster.

She is a Board member of the Association of Professional Genealogists and past President of their Southern California Chapter; Vice President of the Genealogical Speakers Guild; and on the board of the California State Genealogical Alliance. She worked as the lead researcher for the 2013 PBS television program Genealogy Roadshow. Jean is a national speaker and writer and can be reached through her website http://www.circlemending.org.

Daniel HorowitzDaniel Horowitz enjoys a multi-faceted role at MyHeritage. As Chief Genealogist, his deep understanding of the needs of today's family history enthusiasts provides key contributions in the areas of product development, customer support and public affairs; contacting genealogy societies, bloggers and media, giving lectures and attending conferences around the world. As head of the company's Translation Department, Daniel has been a key figure to increase MyHeritage's global support to 40 languages.

With over 20 years of previous experience in the genealogy field, Daniel was a founding member and lecturer of the Jewish Genealogy Society of Venezuela (2001-2005), the teacher and the study guide editor for over 15 years of the family history project Searching for My Roots in Venezuela, where his work received many awards worldwide.

Daniel is a very experienced genealogist, researcher and lecturer and holds board level positions with a number of genealogical societies and organizations. He holds a B.Sc. in Computer Engineering with a specialization in Education & Management of Educational Institutions. A power genealogist himself, in his leisure time Daniel enjoys the outdoors with his wife and two children.

Janet HovorkaJanet Hovorka (www.janethovorka.com) received a B.A. in Ancient Near Eastern History and a Master's degree in Library and Information Science from BYU. She and her husband Kim Hovorka own Family ChartMasters, the official printers for most genealogy software companies as well as My Heritage and FamilySearch. Family ChartMasters won Family Tree Magazine's Editor's choice and 101 Best Website awards as well as FamilySearch software awards.

One of Janet's greatest genealogy accomplishments was the completion and publication of her mother-in-law's oral history just one year prior to her untimely death. Most recently she has found great satisfaction in encouraging her teenage children's genealogical interests. Janet is the author of the Zap the Grandma Gap books and workbooks (www.zapthegrandmagap.com) to help family historians engage the youth in their family with their history.

Janet is passionate about the nutrition family history brings to the souls of all family members and how it creates stronger relationships in the family today. Janet writes the Chart Chick blog and the Zap The Grandma Gap blog, has written for numerous genealogy publications and enjoys speaking about genealogy nationally and internationally. She is past President of the Utah Genealogical Association and teaches library science and genealogy at Salt Lake Community College.

HumphreyDick Humphrey. Having retired from teaching science and overseeing the IT department at Harvard-Westlake School, Dick Humphrey creates family history projects such as large tree charts, video slide shows and photo-history books. He is an avid researcher and a 20-year user of Family Tree Maker. A member of the SCGS, he leads the Society’s Family Tree Maker User Group. Dick has completed several photo-history projects which weave together story, images, historical background and genealogical reports. As a former teacher, Dick is enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge and experiences with others.

Cyndi IngleCyndi Ingle is the creator of the hugely popular website CyndisList.com, a categorized index to more than 327,000 online resources. Cyndi, a genealogist for more than 33 years, is a past member of the board of directors for the National Genealogical Society.

Cyndi is an internationally known speaker. She has lectured for Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS), National Genealogical Society (NGS), the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy, GENTECH, Brigham Young University, the American Library Association and numerous local genealogical societies in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Cyndi has authored numerous articles and three books. Cyndi, her son Evan, and three Boston Terriers, live in Edgewood, Washington.

AC IvoryA.C. Ivory is a 26 year old professional genealogist, specializing in United States research. He works for ProGenealogists, Ancestry.com's official research firm. While at Progenealogists, A.C. has had the opportunity to work on several episodes of the hit TV show Who Do You Think You Are, including those featuring Reba McEntire, Kelly Clarkson, Paula Deen, Christopher O'Donnell and more.

A.C. is proud to refer to himself as a "genealogy geek" because he seeks for and utilizes new technology to accomplish his genealogy research. He is always on the lookout for the newest genealogy app, website or database. A.C. is currently working on his Accreditation with ICAPGEN, an internationally recognized organization for professional genealogists. A.C. also anticipates to one day to also become a Certified Genealogist. In the end, A.C. loves working with clients to solve their genealogy mysteries and to help people learn how to do their own genealogy research.

Tim JanzenTim Janzen, MD, is a family practice doctor at South Tabor Family Physicians in Portland, Oregon.

Tim has had an interest in genealogical research for over 35 years and has particularly been involved in Mennonite genealogical research for the past 15 years. He has a website that summarizes many different sources available for Mennonite genealogical research and has given many presentations about Mennonite genealogy in the United States and Canada.

In the past 8 years Tim has been become very interested in using DNA analysis to help complement traditional genealogical research. Glenn Penner and he are the co-administrators of the Mennonite DNA project at www.mennonitedna.com.

Tim has a strong interest in many areas of genetic genealogy, particularly in regards to phasing and autosomal DNA analysis. He is a consultant to the genetics company 23andMe as one of their Ancestry Ambassadors. He also serves on the ISOGG Y-DNA Haplogroup Tree Committee. He periodically gives presentations on genetic genealogy and also does private genetic genealogy consulting on a case-by-case basis.

Jordan JonesJordan Jones received a BA in Honors in English with a minor in Philosophy (magna cum laude) from California State University, Northridge, and an MA in English from UC Davis.

He has been a genealogist since the age of ten; has designed, edited, and published books and magazines since 1987; and has designed and published websites since 1995. He has published poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and works in translation in numerous magazines and is the author of two books of poetry, which include poems on genealogical subjects: Sand & Coal and The Wheel.

He has worked in the fields of technical writing and software development and is currently a Senior Manager of Information Technology at Cisco Systems, Inc.

He is the President of the National Genealogical Society (NGS). Additionally, he is the webmaster for the North Carolina Chapter APG and is on the board of directors of the North Carolina Genealogical Society. He has spoken at several regional, statewide, and national conferences in the fields of technology and genealogy, and writes a column on technology for NGS Magazine. In 2012, he received the Walter Lee Sheppard Jr Prize, bestowed annually upon genealogists who demonstrate sound practices and exceptional potential.

He lives in Raleigh, North Carolina with his wife and stepson.

Michael LeclercMichael J. Leclerc is an internationally renowned researcher, author, editor, and presenter. With decades of experience, Michael is a leader in the field. He is chief genealogist at Mocavo. He is a past board member of the Association of Professional Genealogists and the Federation of Genealogical Societies.

Michael is the author of numerous articles in scholarly journals and popular magazines. He is editor of the Genealogist’s Handbook for New England Research, Fifth Edition, and co-editor of Genealogical Writing in the 21st Century: A Guide to Register Style and More, Second Edition. Among his current projects is a book on the family of Josiah Franklin, father of Revolutionary War Patriot Dr. Benjamin Franklin.

Denise LevenickIn every family, someone inherits “the stuff.” Denise May Levenick is a writer, researcher, and speaker with a passion for preserving and sharing family treasures of all kinds. She is the creator of the award-winning family history blog, The Family Curator, and author of the book How to Archive Family Keepsakes: Learn How to Preserve Family Photos, Memorabilia and Genealogy Records, (Family Tree Books, 2012).

Denise inherited her first family archive from her grandmother – a trunk filled with photos, letters, documents, and lots of “miscellaneous stuff” and is now the caretaker of several family collections. She has adapted professional archival techniques to the family archive situation and shares her experiences at her website, www.TheFamilyCurator.com, and in her book, How to Archive Family Keepsakes.

Denise is a frequent lecturer and magazine contributor, and Chairman of the Suzanne Winsor Freeman Student Genealogy Grant program assisting young genealogists. She is a former high school English and Journalism teacher, and a holds a Master’s Degree in English Literature. Denise is a native Angeleno who grew up in Orange County, California and now lives in Pasadena with her family and growing archive.

Thomas MacEnteeThomas MacEntee is a genealogy professional specializing in the use of technology and social media to improve genealogy research and as a way to connect with others in the family history community. When he's not busy writing blog posts, organizing the 3,000+ members of GeneaBloggers.com, teaching online genealogy webinars and more, Thomas MacEntee is busy in his role as "genealogy ninja." Stealth is not easy, but he manages to get the inside track on emerging technologies and vendors as they relate to the genealogy industry. After being laid off from a 25-year career in the tech industry in 2008, Thomas has been able to repurpose his skill set for the genealogy community and loves to see other genealogists succeed, whether it is with their own research or building their own careers in the field.

Rhonda McClureRhonda R. McClure, Genealogist, is a nationally recognized professional genealogist and lecturer specializing in New England and celebrity research as well as computerized genealogy. She is compiler of more than 120 celebrity family trees; has been a contributing editor for Heritage Quest MagazineBiography magazine and was a contributor to The History Channel Magazine and American History Magazine. In addition to numerous articles, she is the author of ten books, including the award-winning The Complete Idiot's Guide to Online Genealogy, now in its second edition, Finding Your Famous and Infamous Ancestors, and Digitizing Your Family History

Areas of expertise: Immigration and naturalization, Late 19th and early 20th Century urban research, Missionaries (primarily in association with the American Board of Commissioners of Foreign Missions), State Department Federal Records, New England, Mid-West, Southern, German, Italian, Scottish, Irish, French Canadian, and New Brunswick research as well as Internet research, genealogical software (FTM, RootsMagic, TMG, Reunion), digital peripherals, and uses both Mac and Windows machines.

Kathy MeadeKathy Meade is the North American representative for ArkivDigital AD AB, an online site with newly photographed images of the Swedish church books and many other types of Swedish historical records.

Ms. Meade has been working with Swedish genealogy for more than ten years by helping people with their Swedish research and giving presentations and workshops on Swedish research. She serves on the advisory board for the Nordic Family Research Center at the Swedish American Museum in Chicago and also volunteers at the Arlington Heights Memorial Library helping patrons with their Swedish research.

She worked and lived in Sweden and Norway for seven years during the 1990’s, where she learned to read both languages.

Leland Meitzler Leland K. Meitzler founded Heritage Quest in 1985, and has worked as Managing Editor of both Heritage Quest Magazine and The Genealogical Helper. He currently operates Family Roots Publishing Company, edits the twice-weekly Genealogy Newsline, writes daily at GenealogyBlog.com, conducts the annual Salt Lake Christmas Tour, (now in its 30th year), and speaks nationally, having given over 2000 lectures since 1983.

Michael MelendezMichael Melendez has been conducting genealogy research since he was 15 years old. He volunteered as a staff member of the Orange Regional Family History Center in California for several years, along with completing an internship as the Center's Assistant Librarian. Michael has been involved in putting on several youth genealogy programs, most importantly at the 2008 and 2009 Southern California Genealogy Society Jamboree's. For his efforts, Michael received the FGS Youth Award and the APG Young Professional's Scholarship. He is currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in Family History from Brigham Young University in Provo, UT.

CeCe Moore CeCe Moore is a professional genetic genealogist who is considered an innovator in the use of autosomal DNA for genealogy. Currently, she is working as the first-ever, full-time genetic genealogy consultant and scriptwriter for television on Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates, Jr. and recently completed work as the DNA consultant for Genealogy Roadshow.

She is the author of the popular blog "Your Genetic Genealogist", which boasts tens of thousands of readers from 180 countries. In 2012, she was appointed by the CEO of 23andMe to serve as their lead volunteer "Ancestry Ambassador," and continues to advise the company on their genealogy product.

CeCe is a popular presenter, spending much of her time educating others about genetic genealogy. She is frequently consulted by the press in regard to the emerging personal genomics industry, appearing on 20/20, CBS This Morning, CNN and The Doctors and has been quoted internationally on the subject, including in the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, People Magazine, ABC News, Huffington Post, Business Insider, The Root, Fox Health, CNN's Paging Dr. Gupta, BioArray News, Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter and many others. CeCe is a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists and Mensa.

George MorganGeorge G. Morgan is president of Aha! Seminars, Inc., and an internationally recognized genealogy expert who presents at local, state, national, international genealogical conferences, on cruises, and in webinars.

George is the prolific author of eleven books and literally hundreds of articles for magazines, journals, newsletters, in genealogical publications, and at online sites in the U.S., Canada, the U.K, Singapore, and elsewhere. McGraw-Hill published the third edition of his How to Do Everything: Genealogy, in 2012, and published his eleventh book, Advanced Genealogy Research Techniques, co-authored with Drew Smith, in 2013.

He was VP of Membership for the Federation of Genealogical Societies from 2010-2013. He is a past president of International Society of Family History Writers and Editors (ISFHWE), and past director of the Florida State Genealogical Society and the Florida Genealogical Society (Tampa). He and Drew Smith produce The Genealogy Guys(SM) Podcast.

Steve MorseStephen Morse is the creator of the One-Step Website for which he has received both the Lifetime Achievement Award and the Outstanding Contribution Award from the International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies, the Award of Merit from the National Genealogical Society, the first ever Excellence Award from the Association of Professional Genealogists, and two awards that he cannot pronounce from Polish Genealogical Societies.

In his other life Morse is a computer professional with a doctorate degree in electrical engineering. He has held various research, development, and teaching positions, authored numerous technical papers, written four textbooks, and holds four patents. He is best known as the architect of the Intel 8086 (the granddaddy of today's Pentium processor), which sparked the PC revolution 30 years ago.

OrrAaron Orr is a product manager at Ancestry.com specializing in mobile apps. In his time at Ancestry, the app has been downloaded by millions people around the world and recognized as the leading app for family history. Aaron holds a master's degree in education from the University of Phoenix and is passionate about creating useful and beautiful tools that help further and share family history research.

Anita PaulKnown as “The Author’s Midwife,” Anita Paul coaches researchers, corporate professionals and entrepreneurs to become published authors. Through her Write Your Life program, she shares strategies for writing, publishing and marketing a book, and then leveraging it for success.

A 20-year veteran in marketing communications, Anita started The Write Image in 1997. After years of working with decision makers in various industries, she realized that these intelligent, well-respected, knowledgeable leaders were experts in their fields, but no one knew it. To help them get noticed, she developed the Write Your Life program.

Write Your Life is a comprehensive program to help genealogists and professionals position their platform, establishing their expertise and build their brand.

Anita is the author and co-author of several books including Publishing as a Marketing Strategy: How to Market Your Book Free and Got Proof! My Genealogical Journey Through the Use of Documentation. As a freelance writer, she has written articles for over 25 trade publications in the United States and Canada. Anita lectures on various topics related to independent book publishing. She is host of the show, “Book Your Success.” She can be reached at www.writeyourlife.net.

Gena Philibert OrtegaGena Philibert-Ortega holds a Master’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies (Psychology and Women’s Studies) and a Master's degree in Religion. Presenting on various subjects involving genealogy, women’s studies and social history, Gena has spoken to groups throughout the United States as well as virtually to audiences worldwide.

Gena is the author of hundreds of articles published in genealogy newsletters and magazines including FGS Forum, APG Quarterly, Internet Genealogy, Family Chronicle, Family Tree Magazine, and the GenWeekly newsletter. Her writings can also be found on her blogs, Gena’s Genealogy and Food.Family.Ephemera. She is the author of three books including her latest From The Family Kitchen (F + W Media, 2012). Gena is the editor of the Utah Genealogical Association’s journal Crossroads.

She serves as President for the Southern California Chapter of the Association of Professional Genealogists and is a board member of the Utah Genealogical Association. Her current research interests include women's social history, community cookbooks, signature quilts and researching women’s lives using material artifacts.

Mike ProvardMichael Provard has been involved in the genealogy and family history community for more than 28 years.

He began his career as a library attendant at the Family History Library. As an employee of FamilySearch, he has worked at the Library in acquisitions and photoduplication, at the Granite Mountain Records Vault, and for 10 years supporting the 2,000 family history centers in North America. In 2012 he joined the Marketing team as an operations and logistical coordinator.

He has taught many classes to local groups and at national genealogical conferences. He specializes in beginning research, US Midwest and British research. He has a BFA degree in Photography from the University of Utah and is a semi-professional portrait and architectural photographer. He is in his 17th season singing with the Utah Symphony Chorus. He is married to Peggy Burger and they are the parents of four children. They reside in West Jordan, Utah.

Geoff RasmussenGeoffrey D. Rasmussen is the father of four budding genealogists. He graduated with a degree in Genealogy and Family History from Brigham Young University and has served as director and vice-president of the Utah Genealogical Association.

He is a dynamic genealogy speaker on all forms of genealogy technology, and as host of the Legacy Family Tree webinar series, has spoken virtually to nearly 100 different countries. He recently received the Distinguished Presenter Award at the prestigious RootsTech conference in Salt Lake City. He has authored books, videos, articles, and websites, and develops the Legacy Family Tree software program.

On a personal note, Geoff enjoys playing the piano, organ, cello and basketball. His favorite places are cemeteries, the ocean, and hanging out with other genealogists. He met and proposed to his wife in a Family History Center.

Heather RojoHeather Wilkinson Rojo has been researching her family history since the 1970s, when she took her first community college class in genealogy as a teenager. After 35 years of collecting notes and information on her family, she started a blog as a place to write up the stories of her ancestors. This blog became "Nutfield Genealogy," which started in 2009 and is still going strong. Heather lives in New Hampshire, within a one hour drive of where most of her ancestors lived since the 1620s and 1630s. She has also done extensive research on extended family in Hawaii, Spain and Nova Scotia. Traveling for genealogy research is one of her favorite activities, even if it is just a drive to a country burial ground in Maine, or to a historical society in Massachusetts.

Heather is the secretary of the New Hampshire Mayflower Society, the president of the Londonderry Historical Society, and a member of many local genealogy societies including the New England Historic Genealogical Society, the Massachusetts Society of Genealogists, the New Hampshire Society of Genealogists and the National Genealogical Society.

Judy RussellA genealogist with a law degree, Judy G. Russell (The Legal Genealogist) writes and lectures nationally and locally on a wide variety of genealogical topics ranging from using court records in our family history to understanding DNA testing.

She has a bachelor's degree from George Washington University and a law degree from Rutgers School of Law-Newark and an eclectic work background including everything from working as a newspaper reporter to teaching law.

A trustee of the Board for Certification of Genealogists, from which she holds Certified Genealogist and Certified Genealogical Lecturer credentials, she is a member of the faculty at the Genealogical Research Institute of Pittsburgh (GRIP); the Institute for Genealogical & Historical Research (IGHR) at Samford University, where as a student she was a Walter Lee Sheppard Jr. prizewinner in Advanced Methodology and Evidence Analysis; and the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy (SLIG).  

A Colorado native with roots deep in the American south on her mother’s side and entirely in Germany on her father’s side, Ms. Russell has written for the National Genealogical Society Quarterly and the National Genealogical Society Magazine. She is a member of the National Genealogical Society, the Association of Professional Genealogists, and, among others, the state genealogical societies of Illinois, Kentucky, New Jersey, North Carolina, Texas and Virginia.

John SchmalJohn Schmal is an historian, genealogist, and lecturer. He has published several books on Mexican history and culture, including Mexican-American Genealogical Research: Following the Paper Trail to Mexico. Mr. Schmal specializes in researching families in the Mexican states of Chihuahua, Zacatecas, Jalisco, Aguascalientes and Guanajuato. In addition, he has studied and written numerous short stories on the indigenous peoples of several Mexican states.

John has B.A. degrees in History (Loyola-Marymount University) and Geography (St. Cloud State University) and is a board member of the Society of Hispanic Historical Ancestral Research (SHHAR). He also conducts research on German-American families and gives lectures on German history and its influence on emigration to America.

Craig Roberts Scott, MA, CG, FUGA is the author of The Lost Pensions: Settled Accounts of the Act of 6 April 1838 and Records of the Accounting Officers of the Department of the Treasury, Inventory 14 (Revised). He has co-authored several books relating to records in Northern Virginia. He has authored articles in the National Genealogical Society Quarterly, Family Chronicle and other genealogical publications.

Craig is the President and CEO of Heritage Books, Inc., a genealogical publishing firm with over 4,900 titles in print. A professional genealogical and historical researcher for more than twenty-eight years, he specializes in the records of the National Archives, especially those that relate to the military.

He was the Clan Scott Genealogist (1985-2000). He is a member of the Company of Military Historians, has been a Governor-at-Large of the Virginia Genealogical Society, on the editorial board of the National Genealogical Society Quarterly, and is a Director of the Association of Professional Genealogists. A faculty member for several years of the Institute of Genealogy and Historical Research, Samford University and the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy, he was awarded the Grahame T. Smallwood, Jr. Award in 2008 and the UGA Silver Tray Award in 2009.

Randy SeaverRandy Seaver is a native San Diegan. His ancestry is mainly colonial New England and Upper Atlantic, with some colonial German, French and Dutch forebears, and several 19th-century English immigrants. He has been pursuing his elusive ancestors since 1988, and has been online since 1992.

Randy is a former President of the Chula Vista Genealogical Society, and is currently the Newsletter Editor and Research Chair. He speaks to Southern California societies, libraries and groups, and teaches "Beginning Computer Genealogy" adult classes at OASIS. He is a member of NGS, NEHGS, SCGS, SDGS, CGSSD and CVGS. Randy blogs daily about genealogy subjects at Genea-Musings (www.geneamusings.com) and the Chula Vista Genealogy Cafe (http://CVGenCafe.blogspot.com).

Drew SmithDrew Smith, MLS, is a librarian at the University of South Florida (USF) Tampa Library. Since 2007 he has been President of the Florida Genealogical Society (Tampa), and since July 2013 has been Chair of the Family History Information Standards Organisation.

Drew is co-host of The Genealogy Guys Podcast (since 2005), co-author of the 2013 McGraw-Hill book Advanced Genealogy Research Techniques, author of the 2009 GPC book Social Networking for Genealogists, and “Rootsmithing with Technology” columnist for the Federation of Genealogical Societies’ FORUM magazine. He has written extensively for such magazines as NGS NewsMagazine (now NGS Magazine), Genealogical Computing, and Digital Genealogist. He has previously served on the boards of the Association of Professional Genealogists (as Secretary), the Federation of Genealogical Societies, and Florida State Genealogical Society (FSGS). He continues to administer the GENEALIB electronic mailing list with over 1200 genealogy librarians as subscribers, a list he founded in 1996.

Nicka Smith Nicka Smith is a professional photographer, speaker, and documentarian with more than 15 years of experience as a genealogist. She has extensive experience in African ancestored genealogy, reverse genealogy, and family reunion planning and execution. She is also an expert in genealogical research in the Northeastern Louisiana area, sharing genealogy with youth, documenting the ancestral journey, and employing the use of new technology in genealogy and family history research.

Nicka has diverse and varied experience in communications, with a background in publications, editing, graphic design, radio, and video production. She has edited and designed several volumes of family history that include narratives, photos, and genealogical information and has also transferred these things to an online environment.

Nicka is a board member of the California Genealogical Society (CGS), a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists (APG), former chair of the Outreach and Education Committee for the African American Genealogical Society of Northern California (AAGSNC), and former project manager for the Alameda County, CA Youth Ancestral Project where more than 325 youth have been taught the value of family history. Nicka is also the family historian and lead researcher for the Atlas family of Lake Providence, East Carroll, Louisiana.

Paula Stuart-WarrenPaula Stuart-Warren, CG, FMGS, FUGA, is a Board-certified genealogist working full time in genealogical and historical research, lecturing, consulting, and writing. Paula has researched at the National Archives (multiple locations), Family History Library, Minnesota Historical Society, Wisconsin Historical Society, DAR Library, and many other repositories across the U.S. Since 1997 she has been a Course Coordinator for the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy, coordinates a Genealogical Research Institute of Pittsburgh course, lectures at National Genealogical Society and Federation of Genealogical Societies conferences, and in many states and Canada.

A former officer of the Association of Professional Genealogists and former board member of the Minnesota Genealogical Society, she is past President of the Northland Chapter of the Association of Professional Genealogists, a former officer of APG, a member of the Board of Directors of the Federation of Genealogical Societies, and was co-chair of the August 2013 FGS Conference being held in Fort Wayne. She has written for Ancestry Magazine, FGS FORUM, NGS Magazine, New England Ancestors, Minnesota Genealogist, findmypast.com, and writes her blog, Paula’s Genealogical Eclectica. Her articles and lectures focus on unusual resources, manuscripts, methodology, analyzing records, Midwest, and Native Americans. She is descended from eight ancestral countries and has connections to many U.S. states and Canadian provinces. Part of her family settled in the Los Angeles area in the early 1900s.

Paula is an award-winning family historian who loves to interact with her audiences, and is a energetic, yet clear and concise speaker with a bit of added humor. Her syllabus material assists you both during and after the presentations.

SwayneAnna Swayne has eight years of experience in the DNA Genealogy world. At Ancestry.com she leads efforts in developing education around DNA . Before coming to Ancestry.com, she was a teacher and personal DNA Consultant for SMGF/GeneTree. Anna believes there is real power behind DNA and the story it can unlock for each of us. She enjoys teaching beginner and intermediate classes at national and local conferences on DNA and how DNA can answer ancestral questions or assist with genealogical roadblocks.

Josh TaylorD. Joshua Taylor, MA, MLS "Josh" is the Business Development Manager – North America for findmypast.com, and a nationally known and recognized genealogical author, lecturer, and researcher. Active in the genealogical community, Joshua is the current President of Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS). He holds an MLS (Archival Management) and an MA (History) from Simmons College.

Dawn ThurstonDawn Parrett Thurston’s personal history writing courses have been called “life changing,” and “the class I’ve long been looking for.” In the last 17 years, she has helped hundreds of students write and publish their family histories at Santiago Canyon College in Orange, where she received the “Faculty Excellence Award” in 2008. Dawn’s students repeatedly win top prizes in family history writing competitions. She has also shared her expertise with students at the University of Utah and Brigham Young University, and at national conferences, including Jamboree, FGS, and the Association of Personal Historians.

Dawn began researching her family lines when she was in her early twenties and has written a family history of her Scots coal-mining grandparents, published in 1996, and a multiple-generation family history of her paternal line titled The Parrett Family: Their Story is America’s Story, published in 2014. In 2007 Signature Books published her book, Breathe Life into Your Life Story: How to Write a Story People Will WANT to Read, a compilation of ideas and writing techniques she teaches in her classes.

Raised in Orange County, where she still resides, Dawn earned her bachelor’s degree in English from UCLA and a master’s in communications from Cal State University, Fullerton. Dawn is a member of the Genealogical Speakers Guild, the International Society for Family History Writers and Editors, and the Association of Personal Historians.

Janalyn UnderhillJanalyn Underhill is the Publisher and General Manager at Creative Continuum, a family-owned and operated short-run publishing company specializing in family history heirloom books. Janalyn succeeds her father in the day-to-day management of the business and her appointment as the senior book designer leverages seven years experience with the company.

Tom UnderhillTom Underhill published his first book 19 years ago and started publishing books full-time two years later. Since 1999, Creative Continuum has specialized in publishing high-quality, short-run books, including family histories, memoirs, and photo and fine art books. During the last several years, Tom and his company printed more than 11.75 million pages and scanned more than 13,500 photographs.

Creative Continuum has published several award-winning books. Among them, The California Missions as Art won a Davey Award in 2007 for design. A History of African-American Families and Slaveholders in Cass County, East Texas was awarded the Best Genealogy in Texas in 2005.

Tom has been a regular presenter at Genealogy Jamboree for nearly a decade and his speaking experience includes most of Southern California’s family history fairs and other major genealogical conventions. He has also presented at the Utah Genealogical Association’s annual conferences, the International Association of Jewish Genealogical Associations and the 2005 FGS annual convention in Salt Lake City. Tom is the author of thirteen books.

Angela Walton-RajiAngela Walton-Raji is known nationally for her online genealogy presence, her research and work on Oklahoma Native American records and her African American genealogy experience. Her book, Black Indian Genealogy Research is the only book of its kind focusing on the Freedmen Records found within the Dawes Records.

Ms. Walton-Raji also works with beginners via daily and weekly online genealogy chats on AfriGeneas.com, and she hosts a weekly genealogy podcast, The African Roots Podcast. She has produced a number of instructional videos and she combines her skills as a genealogist with a warm on camera personality that brings comfort to her viewers through and her instructional videos on YouTube.

She was a 2013 presenter at the SCGS Jamboree. Beyond that, she served on the faculty at Samford IGHR in Alabama. She hosts a 12 year ongoing message board, 3 websites, and 3 blogs. Her comfort with language and her skills in writing, make her well known and respected in the genealogy community.

Kathy WarburtonKathy Warburton has worked as British Reference assistant at the Family History Library for 16 years. She is currently part of the Public Outreach team at FamilySearch and has been employed by FamilySearch for 26 years. Kathy grew up in a home where history and family history were emphasized. Ancestral stories were frequently shared at bedtime and at family gatherings, leading to a life-long love of family history. She studied family history and geography at Brigham Young University and has been doing family history research for nearly 30 years.

Randy WhitedRandy W. Whited has been an avid genealogist for over 30 years and is an active member of several genealogical organizations. A director with the Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS), Randy is co-chair of the 2014 Program Committee and Chair of its Technology Committee. He is also host of the FGS web radio program, "My Society." He is also Director of Development with the Texas State Genealogical Society and is leading its technology initiatives.

A lifelong Texan, Randy is an alumnus of the University of Texas, having graduated with a BA in Astronomy. He resides in Pflugerville, Texas with his wife and twin daughters.

WilsonDuff Wilson is a Sr. Product Manager for Family Tree Maker and has worked for Ancestry.com since 2004. He has over twenty years of software design and development experience and has earned national awards for his work. He holds a master's degree from Utah State University in instructional technology with an emphasis in computer-based instruction. Duff is an avid genealogist and works closely with countless genealogists, ranging from novice to exper

Katherine YorkKatherine York merged the field of concert production with a love of history and a great story to become a San Francisco historian, rock ’n’ roll archivist, marketer, producer, writer, product developer, and public speaker, with a bit of paisley rabble rouser on the side.

Bill Graham was the 1960s rock impresario who introduced Jefferson Airplane, Jimi Hendrix, and dozens of other iconic acts to audiences in the Fillmore West (San Francisco), Fillmore East (New York), and the world. Graham was a marketing genius who built a multi-million dollar private collection of posters, memorabilia, tickets, and live recordings of many of the most important musical acts of the last half of the 20th Century.

After Bill's death, Katherine worked with this collection as Archivist with Bill Graham Presents, which evolved into Wolfgang's Vault, called "the most important collection of rock memorabilia and recordings ever assembled in one business," by The Wall Street Journal, Dec 13, 2005.

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